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It is as simple as clicking here to register.  You can choose to sell items and also register to HELP OUT at the sale and shop early!

Join our Consignor Group on Facebook for information and answers to your questions.



Collect, Prep, and Tag

Go clean out your closets and toy boxes.  Gather up all the items they are no longer using and have out grown.  Use our 24/7 tagging site.  We will be taking ALL SEASONS.

We've got helpful videos for you, too.


Drop Off!


Bring your items to drop off at the time shown below.  If you want to donate anything that doesn't sell, you're done! If you want to pick up unsold items, see times for that, too.


Click here for your Consignor Waiver.





..and fourteen days later, your check will be sent!


1. Consign your items! Consignors earn 60% of their sales, less a $10 consignor fee. Consignors who join our team and volunteer earn an additional 10%, for a total of 70%!  Join our Consignor Group on Facebook.

2. Valet Consignor - No time to tag? We can help! Valet tagging is open for fall!

3. JBF On Demand - Get your items out of your house now.  You contact us, our buyer meets with you to browse your items and you make money on the spot.

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Want to join our team and help out at the sale?  EVERYONE is able to join our team.  Being a part of the JBF team gets you in the door to shop first, you earn 70% on your sold items & you have fun!

Did you know if you aren't able to help out, you can have someone help out in your place?  So if your schedule won't allow, ask a spouse, friend or family member to help you out!  Having someone help in your place still earns you the additional 10% on your items! Woohoo! :)
Team Members also get to shop EARLY!



DROP OFF is easy.

Wednesday, Apr 3rd between 3:00 pm and 8:00pm.

Bring in one item so we can check you in.  Sign your waiver (you can either print off and fill out ahead of time or we will have one for you).  Click here for consignor waiver.

You will then proceed to put your items on the floor in the appropriate areas.  i.e., girls clothing size 2. on the racks behind the size 2 holder, books on the book table, etc.


What To Expect At Drop Off: 

When you get to Louetta Automotive Sports Complex, please follow the signs for drop off.  Once you've parked, Follow These Easy Steps:

1. Please come ready to the Check In area with applicable waivers, and one item.  
2. Once inside, check in, and take your items to the sales floor.  We have rolling racks available on a first come, first serve basis that you can transfer your items onto for putting out on the sales floor.  We recommend having your items sorted when bringing them to make your drop off process smoother. Clothes together in size and gender. Similar toys together, etc.
3. Once all of your items are put out on the floor, that's it!  Head home & watch your sales grow. :)

*Please DO NOT PARK in fire lanes*



PICK UP for all Consignors: Sunday, Apr 7th between 12 pm - 2 pm.

All items not picked up will be donated.  Sorry, no exceptions!

What To Expect At Pick Up:

We recommend bringing your own bin or bags to transport any unsold items home. You are able to send someone else to pick up your items just make sure they have your consignor #.

When you get to Louetta Automotive Sports Complex, proceed to the same area as dropoff. 

Once you've parked, Follow These Easy Steps:
1. Check in with a greeter or the Check Out table .
2. A member of the Consignor Pick Up Team will escort you to your items.  All items will be sorted into consignor #. Make sure you bring your consignor # with you to pick up.
3. Head to the clothing racks and floor look for your consignor #, they will be in alphabetical order. 
4. Don't forget to check the missing tag area. Once you've grabbed your items and we've double checked them, fill out your pick up verification and you're on your way.
5. You can expect your check to be issued within 2 weeks of the sale. :)

*Please DO NOT PARK in fire lanes*


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Tagging Deadlines: Tags must be entered before your drop off your items at the sale!

We have an easy to use, state of the art bar-code system that is easy for you and shoppers alike.  The online bar-coding system allows you to set up your tags with great descriptions to help your items sell. You also can easily track your sales each evening from home. We don't shut down our tagging system prior to drop off.  Procrastinators rejoice! :)

  • You must tag all items using our online tagging system.
  • You set your own price on all items. Click here to download our Pricing Guide.
  • Wondering what to sell?  Check out our What To Sell Doc listed above!

Tagging Supplies

Besides needing a computer and printer to prepare your tags using our online tagging system, here is a list of things you need as well as some others we suggest:

  • White Card Stock is REQUIRED for your tags - Do not use regular paper (the tag will easily pull off of your item and not scan well)
  • Hangers - Child or Adult sized hangers, depending on the size of clothes you are preparing ~ plastic or wire hangers are acceptable.  We recommend kid hangers for size 5 and under and adult hangers for sizes 5 & up.
  • Clear Packing Tape - Do not use scotch tape, masking tape, or duct tape.
  • Blue Painters Tape - This is great for attaching tags to items you don't want to damage like books, painted furniture, etc.
  • Scissors - A paper cutter is good to cut tags if you have one, but not necessary.
  • Clear Self Sealing Bags - You will use several sizes of these for many different items.
  • Ribbon, String, or Zip Ties - Keeps shoes and multi-pieced items together.
  • Tagging Gun and/or Safety Pins - Size 2 (1 1/2") or larger are the best sizes to use.
  • Plastic Wrap - Great for puzzles.
  • Cleaning Supplies - For cleaning and disinfecting items. We love Magic Erasers!
  • Batteries - All battery-operated toys must have working batteries installed.
  • Remember, one of the keys to selling your items is to have them prepared and tagged properly!

Tagging Large Items - Baby Gear, Equipment & Furniture

Baby Gear & Equipment:
Fasten tags securely to your items with clear packing tape; do not use scotch tape.
You can also punch a hole in the top of your JBF tag and attach the tag securely with ribbon or string.
Zip ties are great and useful for attaching tags and multiple items together (these can be purchased at a local hardware store, discount stores, dollar stores or wholesale stores).
Check items for recalls.  You can go to the CPSC website or use the safety & recalls button at the bottom of this page.  If the item has been recalled but there is a fix for the item, please contact the manufacturer for the fix and then it can be sold at the sale.  When you drop these items off at the sale, please be sure to check in with our recall specialist to have them do a double check on the item as well before you leave.
Any baby equipment item that is too large to carry on it's own for a shopper will receive a claim ticket at drop off.
When attaching tags to furniture items we recommend either using a ziptie to attach the tag securely, putting a piece of tape over the top of the tag before hole punching and putting the zip tie through.
You can also use blue painters tape for furniture items. Especially for wooden furniture so you do not damage the finish when attaching the tag.
Tagging Multi-Piece Large Items
For items with multiples pieces, (for example: a travel system that includes a stroller, car seat & base) put a tag on each piece.
Create the first tag with all of the necessary information as normal but include "1 of X" (X is the number of pieces).
Create all of the other tags with a zero price and "2 of X", etc. in the description. Put a dark line through the barcode on the additional tags that are priced at zero.  We also recommend still trying to secure these pieces to each other so they cannot be easily separated whenever possible.  You will want to wait to secure them to each other until you get to the sale as it will make it easier to transport them separated vs. attached. :)
Only use multiple tags for items that belong together.

Tagging Toys

Fasten tags securely to your items with clear packing tape; do not use scotch tape.
You can also punch a hole in the top of your JBF tag and attach the tag securely with ribbon or string.
Zip ties are great and useful for attaching tags and multiple items together (these can be purchased at a local hardware store, discount stores, dollar stores or wholesale stores).
When tagging toys with multiple pieces and parts, we recommend putting all of the parts in a clear ziploc bag, taping the top of the bag closed and then either attaching the bag to the main toy with clear packing tape and/or zip ties securely making sure that the parts cannot be separated from each other.

Tagging Books

Books: Please use caution when attaching tags to books.  Do not use packing tape.  We recommend using BLUE PAINTERS TAPE OR REMOVABLE SCOTCH TAPE.  This adheres nicely to the book but peels right off without causing damage to the book.
Bundle several books together using a ziploc bag and attach the tag to the outside of the bag.  Seal the top of the bag with packing tape.  

Tagging Puzzles

Puzzles:  Please use caution when attaching tags to puzzles.  If you are concerned packing tape may damage the puzzle, use BLUE PAINTERS TAPE.  Also, to secure pieces to infant/toddler puzzles like Melissa & Doug makes, we recommend using plastic wrap.  Wrap it around the puzzle completely then secure with packing tape.  The ensures shoppers can see what the puzzle looks like and it doesn't get damaged by tape, etc.  DO NOT use packing tape to tape pieces down to the puzzle.  This will damage the puzzle and make it unsellable.

Tagging DVDs & Video Games

When tagging DVDS, please be sure to test them first and make sure they work.  Secure the DVD inside it's case by putting packing clear tape over the side so it cannot be opened and the DVD removed.  Attach the tag to the back of the DVD case.  If you are concerned that attaching the tag with packing tape could damage the case, use blue painters tape.
If selling multiple DVDS as a set, secure them together inside a ziploc bag.  Put clear packing tape across the top to seal the bag.  Attach the tag to the ziploc bag.
When tagging Video Games, please be sure to test them first and make sure they work.  Do not seal the case with the game inside.  We remove the game from the case at the sale to keep it secure.  When you drop off, please give your video games to a team member at consignor check out. They will hold onto the games and prepare the cases to go out on the floor minus the game to keep the game secure throughout the sale.  Attach the tag to the back of the video game case.  If you are concerned that attaching the tag with packing tape could damage the case, use blue painters tape.
If selling multiple video games as a set, secure them together inside a ziploc bag.  Attach the tag to the ziploc bag.

Tagging Small Electronics

Small Electronics:  Please take extra precaution when preparing small electronics for sale.  You want them to be as secure as possible.  Seal all bags and boxes that your items are packaged in.  If someone wishes to see if your item works, they will be able to take it to our Hold Area to "Try Before You Buy" and we will open it, test it for them then reseal it.
Seal all pieces and parts together in a ziploc bag and seal the top of the bag with packing tape.  Make sure that all items that require batteries have them and are working before you tag them for sale. When dropping off, please take any small electronics like video game systems, etc. and give them to a team member at conisgnor check out so we can secure them until drop off is complete.


Tagging Clothing

Tagging Prep:
Before you start entering your clothing items, please inspect them being sure you are following the JBF guidelines for quality.  Do not sell any items that have stains, tears, holes, rips, are too worn, or out of season.  Per the consignor agreement, as a result of our new easy drop off and inspection process on site, all consignors are able to have up to 5 items pulled for quality at the sale. After 5 items, you will be charge a $.25/pulled item fee for any clothing/shoe item that is rejected. Those fees will be taken out of your check.
Tag location:
Attach your cardstock tag with either the tagging gun or safety pin to the center or upper right front of clothing (when looking at the item) so the tag can be easily viewed when looking through the clothing racks. Please just be sure tags are attached in a way that does not damage your clothing items!!!
Tagging with safety pins:
Please use size 2 (1 1/2") or larger safety pins; no straight pins or small gold ones. Remember all multi-piece clothing items must be safety pinned together through all pieces. This will prevent your items from separating. Please be sure to only use safety pins in an area that will not create small pin holes in your clothing items. Utilize a hefty inside seam or garment tag, if necessary. Safety pins are not recommended on very thin fabrics that could easily fray or tear.
Tagging with a tagging gun:
We highly recommend the use of using a tagging gun!  It makes tagging much more efficient, and it leaves almost no markings from the tags this way.  Please just be sure to insert the needle of the gun through a laundry tag or inside seam to avoid damaging the item!
All tags should be put through the garment's tag at the back of the neck or waist.
If a garment tag does not exist, please put the tag through the top right inside seam/waistband seam so that the material is not damaged by the tagging barb.
The tag needs to hang on the right side of the garment (when looking at the item) whenever possible since all other tags will be on that side.
If you are interested in purchasing a tagging gun, we have them available for purchase.  The link is listed below. :)
Hanging instructions:
Please hang size 0-6mo garments on child size hangers. Use adult size hangers when appropriate - to prevent the item(s) from falling off of hangers.
All garments should be hung with the hanger hook pointing left (hanger should resemble a question mark when looking at the front of item).
Safety pin clothing sets securely with pants hung on the backside of the shirt, so both pieces can be viewed without unpinning them.Safety pin through BOTH pieces AND through the hanger (this will prevent pants from weighing down the shirt and causing a possible tear).You can also use 2 hangers to display a "set", securing the tops of the hangers together with a rubberband or zip tie.
Please safety pin pants to the top part of the hanger so the garment will not slide.
Hangers: (Plastic or wire hangers are acceptable.)
Everything that can be hung on a hanger, should be put on a hanger (this includes pj's, sleepers, onesies, etc.). This allows the shopper to better view your items, without having to take things out of plastic baggies to do so. You do not need to purchase pant hangers. To attach pants to wire hangers, simply use safety pins and fasten pants to the top part of the hanger so the garment will not slide.
Many local merchants give their hangers away ~ just call them before you go out to make sure they have an ample supply. Hangers will not be returned on clothing that is sold.
Non-hanging clothing items:
Some items such as socks, tights, mittens/booties, hats, etc. may be best sold packaged in a clear plastic self-sealing bag. Attach the JBF tag to the outside of the bag with clear packing tape. We recommend that you secure the top of the bag with additional packing tape in an effort to prevent the items from becoming separated from the tag.
Maternity Clothing Prep:
Please secure the tops/dresses to the hanger with safety pins if they have a tendency to slip off the hanger and fall to the floor. Our volunteers do their best to keep items off of the floor, but you want to do everything you can as the consignor to make sure your item stays on the hanger.
All maternity clothing must be in excellent condition! Please do not bring outdated maternity clothes - they will not sell.
Additional Clothing Prep Tips:
Cut loose threads, sew loose hems, make sure that all buttons, zippers, and snaps work properly before you tag your item.
To keep your tag more securely attached to your hanging item, we recommend placing clear packing tape over the safety pin once it is attached to the item. This makes the tag more difficult to remove from the item and cuts down on theft. Please do not place tape over the barcode.
Sets sell! Pair your items together to make an outfit or consider putting selling several similar items as a "set".
Tagging Multi-Piece Clothing Items
When selling multi-piece clothing items be sure and indicate on your tag how many pieces there are.  For example:  3 piece Thomas the Train Pajama Set - Short sleeve shirt, shorts and pants.  This helps in the event that a piece goes missing from the set so we can match it back up.  Also, to secure multiple piece items you can use a hanger for each piece then secure those hangers together using zip ties, or ribbon knotted.  You can also use safety pins but please be sure to put the pins through the seams of the clothing to attach them to each other so you do not damage the clothing by putting pin holes in them.

Tagging Shoes

IMPORTANT: Tags must be reinforced by placing a piece of tape or hole reinforcer on the top of the tag before pinning or hole punching
Attach shoes together with ribbon or zip ties
Attach the price tag with a large safety pin; or you can hole punch through the tag and tie it to the shoes with ribbon or a zip ties.
Clean all dirt and debris from shoes... including the bottom... wash them if needed. Magic Erasers will remove scuff marks from most shoes!

Tagging Bedding

Bedding for infants, toddlers, and children (we accept crib and twin sized bedding only) can be placed in a large ziploc or comforter bag. Beginning Fall 2017 We NO LONGER ACCEPT Crib Bumpers of any kind for safety reasons.  If the bedding has mulitple parts to it (dust ruffles, pillow shams, matching decor), it is best to bag it so none of the pieces get separated. Make a list and tape to the bag of what is included.  You can also attach a picture of the set so shoppers can get a good view of the item since it is packaged in a bag. :)

Additional Miscellaneous Notes & Tips

  • Click here to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for any recalls.
  • Clean all items thoroughly. (Stained items will be removed from the sales floor)
  • Test to make certain that items are working properly.
  • Battery operated items must include working batteries (these can be purchased inexpensively at dollar stores).
  • Games and puzzles must include ALL pieces and be in box/plastic bag. Tape shut with clear packing tape.
  • Place small parts and accessories belonging to items in Ziploc/plastic bag. Tape bag shut. Fasten bag securely to the item with clear packing tape or small zip ties. Items must include ALL parts.
  • You may group several items together (toys, rattles, puzzles, books, etc.) in a ziploc bag. Secure bag shut with clear tape.
  • Use ONLY Blue Painters Tape to attach tags to books. Do not use scotch, packing or masking tape.
  • Items may be placed into multiple bags and secured together with clear packing tape.
  • Multi piece items that will not fit into a bag may be attached together with zip ties.
  • NO explicit pg13 or rated R DVD's
  • NO Mature Video Games
  • NO VHS tapes
  • NO Cassette tapes
  • NO Breast Pumps



JBF On Demand is a simple solution for busy families that gives things your kids no longer wears or needs new life (and gets it out of your house).   Best of all, you de-clutter AND collect the cash NOW!

Here’s how it works:
1.  Contact us to make a Buying Appointment.
2.  Bring your items on site to our sales events & our buyers meet with you and reviews your items.  They will determine what they are able to purchase & offer you an amount and you get paid on the spot. Prices paid for items are comparible to garage sale pricing, not consigning prices.



We now offer VIP Valet Tagging.  Please email cypressvalettagging@gmail.com for more information.  Below explains more information on:

Valet Tagging Program Overview

Valet Tagging Agreement



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